Sunday, December 13, 2009


oh geez i almost forgot to do one of these awesome blogs luckily i remembered on this wonderful sunday night just in the nik of time.
My best friend, Stefani, is going to be home early tomorw morning and I can't wait! We already have a screaming match planned out where we literally just start screaming all the complaints that we've pent up for so long. And then we feel so much better afterwards because we get everything out and solve our problems and be done with it. That's how we stayed out of drama in highschool.
Drama is just really an ellusion of reality, it's making a big deal out of the nothings in life. There are those that swim in it but I'm not sure if they really get hit with true emotion when actual things happen in real life. It's like their little meter for weighing the gravity of situations is busted.
My dog Remi was seriously watching tv last night. I came home from the gym, went in the basement to watch tv and eat cereal and of course she followed me. The movie "So High" was on and I watched the beginning but then ran upstairs to grab a shower. I left the tv on by accident and Remi stayed down there. I had to leave so went downstairs to shut the tv off and she was literally on the couch watching tv intensly not even noticing my presence. So I had to leave it on for her. I just turned the lights off. I even texted my mom with an explanation as to why I left the tv on or else she would have bitched at me. But then this morning when I came home my mom and I were at the kitchen table and my brother comes down and was like "You'd never believe it, I came home last night and Remi was sprawled out on the couch watching tv, she looked at me and turned away to keep watching." She's such a cool dog.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Thanksgiving break was relaxing I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Last night Steve and I decided to sit down and book our flights to Utah. Last year we flew with Southwestern so I looked up the prices for them and then compared with priceline and websites like that. The cheapest I found was going to be 300 dollars a person so we jumped on it and booked the flight. Then we wanted to see baggage limits and what not so we did a little searching and found out that delta and us airways (the planes we booked) charge for all checked in baggage each way. So with our snowboarding bags it would come to 100 dollars more a person. I was like WTF! I searched a little more and found that Southwestern allows 2 checked bags for free! So really their tickets were cheaper by 50 dollars. I called those priceline people bitching that it was outrageous and I wanted a full refund from them bastards! And they gave me what I wanted lol so we booked Southwestern like last year. I can't wait! I love snowboarding with those guys they challenge me because they have balls so I'm forced to grow a pair or go home.
I also can't wait for xmas, I loooooove shopping for other people and this year I've been finding great deals which makes it that much better.
My boyfriend's family is huge so they do a polyana for xmas and decided to include me this year. I ended up getting Steve's aunt which is easy because she decorates her house with that old time country decor, easy cheesy. My boyfriends Uncle picked me specifically as his polyana because he's a biker dude so wants to get me something that says Harley Davidson, I thought that was cute. I want to get Steve a nice digital camera bc we'll def use that but I have no idea whats a good deal or a bad camera.

Monday, November 16, 2009


My boyfriend and I saw Boondock Saints 2 last night and I must say it was freakin awesome but it is a sequel that you need to see the first movie to completly understand. Which the first one is a great movie as well. I love Irish accents and beards, the beginning of the movie made me want to move to Ireland.
A week ago I saw the Orphan which suprisingly was really creepy. They throw this twist at the end which makes the movie more legit.
I'm really pissed because I had no idea that Zombie was going to be at the Electric Factory in December so I didn't get tickets and it's sold out, so now tickets are like 80 bucks a pop :(. I'm debating just buying them but if I think about it, I have a snowboarding trip to Utah coming up which I have to scrape money together for plus christmas presents are going to kill me. I did just buy Flogging Molly tickets so I'll just have to be happy with that. Hopefully he comes around next year to the Electric Factory again because that's one of my favorite places to see shows.
Gwar and Job For a Cowboy are coming to the Electric Factory too and if you've been to a Gwar show you know how fun they are. They put on a hell of a show mutilating celebrities and splattering the audience with blood. If you ever go I suggest taking a sharpie, writing GWAR on a white teeshirt and plan to never wash it. I compare them to Kiss because their music is good but their shows kill it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Clearing My Thoughts

PHEW! I'm so glad to get my spring schedule done and over with. I've been bickering with my mother for the past few months about the fact that I may not want to be a vet. Its been the source of my anxiety. Then I got so caught up in the normal school-then work routine that I didn't realize the date for scheduling classes was so soon. Luckily I got in with my advisor and it ended up being a great friday because I feel like an inteligent person has confirmed my realization that vet school isn't going to pay off and that there are other jobs that I would be interested in that I can make the kind of money that I want to make.
The other day at work was AWESOME! A hit-by-car dog came in and I helped wrap the broken back leg which was a complete compound brake. I felt the bones crunching as I did it. I felt bad for the dog in pain but it was still to cool not enjoy. Tonight there's a king charles doggy having puppies which is always a treat to see.
Going from a vet office that has clients with money to a vet office that is in an area where people don't have the money to spend on their pets has been really eye-opening. I love animals but honestly not other people's animals. And being a vet is helping people more because they only bring their animal to you when something horribly wrong happens. I'm definitly seeing that people cut trips to vet out of their agenda when their pockets are tight.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A good saturday

Last week my vet office got a new doctor and i'm sooooooooo happy. At first i was a little pissed because he's indian and i could barely understand him and i'm thinking "great not only do we have foreign human dr.'s but now they're taking over the vet world too" But the guy is so chill its ridiculous. He makes the day so stress free. The other dr. is a very nice lady but stresses the hell out of the techs because you can never make her happy it's always our fault always something we did. I had such a good saturday because i was able to focus on what the clients needed and not what i was going to fuck up. It was definitly the first time I left that hospital without wanting to rip my hair out. Plus this new Dr. is ready to help the techs get temperatures and pull blood when we can't seem to find another tech with a free hand. I ask him a billion questions too and he has no problem answering them. The cutest english bulldog came in today and i almost stole him. He was so wrinkly it was adorable.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This Sunday I skipped doing blogs because I was so pissed that the blogs were not going to be counted anymore I decided to rebel but I guess that just made me more pissed that blogs do really count now.
But now that my day just keeps getting worse it'll be easier to rant on and do this here blog. I'm completely overwhelmed. I don't know what to do with my life. Since I was little I've wanted to be a veterinarian but now that I'm faced with the reality of it, I'm not so sure. I'm not sure it's worth it economically. It seems the new vets that I've befriended say it's not worth it they're in debt out of their eyeballs and aren't making the kind of money that they thought. Whereas the older settled vets say that they love their job and that's the most important thing. Then again the older vets attended vet school when it was much cheaper, when you'd come out of vet school oweing the equal amount of money that you would earn the first year being a vet.
Plus I'm obviously a girl and have to factor in having children. I don't want to be an old mom nor do I never want to see my kids so being a vet may not be the greatest idea.
Right now I hate my schedule. I'm up at 5am for the gym, come to school then right to work then all over again the next day. I've been doing that since highschool and looking back I really regret working so much because I feel like I didn't get to have as much fun as I wanted. I don't want to continue this madness I have mental breakdowns atleast once a month. I can't wait to have just one job and THATS IT! Work during the day and have evenings and nights and WEEKENDS to have a life. A 9-5 job sounds wonderful.
I'm thinking vet school will not pay off until I'm really old and I'm not the kind of person that wants to bust my ass while I'm young just watching life pass by without having one and then bam when I'm old suddenly be able to do things I want to but not really because I physically am deteriorating. I'm sick of the lifestyle I have and I think that is going to be my persuading factor because I really need to chill out and enjoy the things and people I have a lot more.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Quit!

I officially quite my Wawa job and am now down to one job! I'm not trying to sound like an overachiever by saying this but I worked too hard for Wawa. There's a certain amount of things that need to get done in each shift and without a manager on my shift it's hard to motivate pple to get things done so I'd end up putting everything on my shoulders because I have OCD and everything HAD to get done for me to feel like I earned my pay. I made the job waaaaaaaay too stressful I mean it's freakin Wawa. I worked with some nice girls but when it comes to working they were lazy and that's extremely frustrating to me. I'm glad to be down to just one job.

Tonight was the first motorcycle ride where I was driving my bike and he was driving his. Usually I have to ride bitch on my own bike so tonight was awesome. We went to Snipes Farm to run around in the corn maze once it got dark but the corn maze wasn't that spectacular because the corn wasn't high enough. It's great when you can't see over top of the stalks but the stalks only went up to my chest. Apparently it's the fifth or sixth year of growing corn in these fields so there isn't much nutrients left in the soil. But the motorcycle ride was awesome.

Saturday night I went to my friend Katie's for their annual pumpkin carving thing. It sounds like a boring family oriented event but this year was especially good because everyone is considered old enough to drink so it was a bunch of college kids getting drunk and using sharp knives. It was fun. I want to go to some kind of haunted event but they all seem kinda lame. The one year when I was at Elizabethtown College I took my friend to this one hayride that rocked they dropped fake pigs just above your head that were dripping with fake blood. The penintensary is supposed to be cool I've been there during the day and it's creepy so I'm thinking it's probably good. Who knows...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I went to see Where the Wild Things Are and there's literally 10-15 minutes left of movie to go and the screen goes pitch black. You can't do that to people! Luckily we got these re-admission ticket things but still I was quite pissed especially because I spent the extra 4 dollars to see it in i was trying to be nice and was treating my boyfriend's sister to this particular movie. Ugh! They're lucky I wasn't completely fond of the movie. It made me feel like I'd have to be on drugs to understand the meaning behind the whole movie.
But anyways I think it's just the weekend, completely uneventful. My boyfriend ditched me and went to the poconos all weekend with his buddies, which don't get wrong I'm happy he went away and had a good time with his friends but I can't wait to see steve after work on fridays so when I got off and called him and he was suprisingly on his way up to the poconos I was devastated, so did the poor me dance and got over it.
My Grandparents are driving me insane!!! They moved to N.Carolina a few months ago and so are visiting for a week. For the years that they have lived 10 minutes away they never once visited (if they did it was for a family birthday party where they ate and left sorta thing), the only time I saw them is if I wanted to fish with my grandpop or garden with my grandmother. So spending a whole week with them and actually getting to see how it would be living with them makes me want to shoot myself in the head. Now I know where my mother gets all of her questioning skills and negative nancy attitude. I sware my grandmother does crack she doesn't sit still and all she eats is bread and cheese sandwhiches and tells me I need to eat more. My grandfather is a pain in the ass with his "duct tape and spray paint will fix it" idea. He's not as bad because he just sits there like an old dog. It's my grandmother she's so anxious. She keeps suckin back the coffee which makes it ten times worse. If I get another bullshit 'I'm old so I'm going to try to talk like I have wisdom' lecture I don't know what I'm going to do but it will be bad.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You

My mom told me about my little cousin getting in trouble with a group of his friends and 3 out of the 4 kids (including my cousin) were getting fined for some stolen remote control car. The fourth kid wasn't getting anything because his father was a police officer. I was in a bad mood as it was when she was telling me this so I went on this huge rampage about how unfair that was for my cousin and that fourth kid should get extra punished because this has probably happened before blah blah blah.
Then the very next night I was sitting at home with Steve and we decided to go to my buddy Ryan's house. It was around midnight and I was completely sober whereas Steve had already downed half a bottle of Jack D and a couple beers so I said I would drive. We get in the car and go to leave but I forgot my wallet on the kitchen table so I ran inside to grab it. When I got out Steve was in the driver seat so I said "if you think you can drive go for it but it's stoooopid." I wasn't going to turn down getting drivin somewhere it seemed like such a treat since im always driver. Ryan's house is only 3 minutes away so I figured no biggie anyways.
The whole time he's swerving and speeding and I'm screaming because it's my car and i start hitting him so finally he stops at this one stop sign and leans over for a kiss to say sorry i'll start driving better. Then he pulls out to make a left and what do you know he totally cuts out in front of a car. Not just any car but a COP CAR! I watch the cop turn around in the side mirror and start freakin out tellin Steve we should switch seats since Steve already has a DUI or two under his belt. He pulls over before the cop gets to us and acts all cool saying he'll take care of it. I have a phobia with cops so I'm sitting there sweating bullets fidgeting about to run away.
So the cop pulls up behind us and comes up to the window, I hand Steve the insurance and registration. Just as the cop asks Steve if he'd been drinking I looked at the cop's face and it was Jimmy! I yelled HEY JIMMY! and he was like HEY LINDSAY! and gave Steve back my insurance and stuff and started asking if I was going on this motorcycle ride the next weekend. I know Jimmy because he comes into the Wawa I work at all the time as a biker dude and as a cop. We've gone on a couple rides together and I've seen him at bike shows and such. As we drove away with nothing but a "You guys be safe!" Steve just started laughing his ass off. It was a definate sigh of relief to see Jimmy's face.
Then I realized I shouldn't have bitched so much for that fourth kids fortune of having a cop as a dad. As long as you're on the right side it's awesome when shit like that happens.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


At the moment I'm reupholstering a motorcycle seat with fake leather and bandanas. My boyfriend bought his bike about a month ago. He got an awesome deal, $1500 for a 2005 883 sportster. The catch was that the bike was in a garage fire buuuut the motor is fine so only exterior things like cables and switches need to be replaced. Thus I now have a new sewing project. It's deeming itself very difficult though, I've never attempted an upholstery like this, I've done seats and such but this has to fitted and BADASS. The badass part is the hard part because people look at details when it comes to motorcycles. Seats and couch covers are easy because they don't have to be precise and they can look crafty.
I love to sew. I'm not sure if I sew correctly though because I teach myself. That's the fun part, thinking of how to go about making it then designing everything about it. I love taking raw materials like flat fabric and making it into something that people can use and enjoy. Not many people think they can sew and think the things I make are amazing but really I bet if they tried they could do it. I've made lots of really cool blankets. One had a rebel flag with a skull and crossbones on one side and the chevy emblem on the other. The most recent blanket had cockateil on one side dressed like elvis costello and it read "Elvis is king" and the other side had a guiness bottle on it. Everything was sewn directly out of my mind peiced out of different colored fabrics.
I made a wookie pillow once for my friend's birthday. I took hairy fabric and a slipper and created the wookie pillow.
I've been getting really frustrated lately because my sewing machine has been jamming terribly on me and it's annoying because nobody has sewing machines to borrow these days and I have no idea how to go about fixing one. I think it's about time I learn to tear it apart and rebuild it. Like a motor.
My next project which the leather just came in the mail for is Steve's leather jacket because he's a dumbass and burned the sleeve on an exhaust.
Hopefully next spring if I have an extra $600 laying around I can take welding classes at the tech school and start making things out of metal!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Ride

Last Sunday my boyfriend, Steve, and his dad were working on their roof and I usually try to help or go clean something around the house while they're busy. But I had a long week and Sunday was my only day to do absolutely anything my little heart desired so I asked Steve if I could just fuck around on his dirtbike which he just got running and I was excited about it because I helped work on it and learned alot about it. All I expected to do was drive around the yard in a circle a couple of times.
Suprisingly he wanted to show me the trails behind his house so he hopped on a tric and i hopped on the dirtbike. The dirtbike was acting funny so we ended up switching but im really glad we did because i had no idea how intense this ride was gonna be. The dirtbike is big for me and would have been hard to handle. I fit on the tric perfectly, it has an automatic clutch which was the first time i ever drove one with it but it was cool. There were no brakes tho.
I was not expecting the intensity of this ride. At one point Steve turned and said theres a "hill", make sure ur in first. This was no fucking hill, it was a steep drop that ended with a concrete slab and into a crick and right back up the next cliff. Everything was overgrown we had to make our own paths. A vine gave me rope burn on my neck and the whole week it looked like i had a hicky :/. I was so glad I geared up and had my skin covered because the thorn bushes were everywhere.
On one hill Steve went to climb up and I was just watching as these vines wrapped in his wheels and he just came to a dead stop and he fell sideways. It was like watching a cartoon. We ended up at some park that I never knew about and enjoyed a peaceful break on a park bench then headed home. I only got stuck 3 times to the point where i needed Steve to help me out.

It was really romantic. I kind of had an epiphany as to why I love Steve so much. He doesn't treat me like a normal girl. Instead of a roses he brings me things like a choke cable. Our idea of fun together is doing things like taking out the dirtbike or going snowboarding or getting crazy at concerts. He keeps up with me and I keep up with him but we both bring different things to the plate and learn from one another. It never gets boring.

Friday, September 18, 2009


A couple summers ago my neighbor, Grumpy, decides to let me drive his dirtbike around town and help me get my motorcycle liscense. Grumpy definitly kickstarted my motorcycle ambition. I grew up figuring I'd get a motorcycle when I got older, had my own house, had a career, blah blah blah. I credit him with making my motorcycle dreams a reality.

Let me tell you a little bit about good ol' Grumpy. Grumpy really isn't mean at all, the neighborhood kids and his grandkids just grew up calling him Grumpy. Picture Santa Claus slap some overalls on him (no shirt) and you've got Grumpy. He's a retired ironworker with nothing better to do than spend all of his fortune on toys. I lost track of how many vehicles I think it's somewhere around a truck, a tracker, a van, an suv, 4 Victory motorcycles, 2 Vespas (santa on a vespa!), multiple golfcarts, a camper, and a dirtbike. His latest addition is some little convertible pontiac. His house is more of a shack but he likes it that way, my old dog Peanut used to walk over to Grumpy's and just push the door open to hang out with him. His yard is a collection of things you can possibly have a use for one day but at the moment they seem pointless. I remember when he first got this spotlight for the side of his house. Granted he fed the deer every night and so there were deer in his yard every night to begin with but as soon as he got this light he called my house to tell my family that he was turning it on and there were deer to look at. He did that for a couple months every night.

He's a great neighbor though, he has one of those industrial lawn mowers so he cuts his lawn, my lawn, and two other neighbor's lawns. Can't beat that and anything you need he's got it. He used to have a flock of indian running ducks and got my other neighbor into having a flock so the block was overrun by these ducks. Foxes got to all of them eventually, we live on a dead end and at the dead end is forest. The ducks were funny to watch though at one point a gang of guys from one flock would waddle across the street, rape the girls in the other flock and waddle back. They were mean about it too. He's always giving us new plants too. Just one time he gave us this one plant that he claimed smelled good but when it overruns your garden it starts smelling like rotting meat, really bad idea.

So anyways I got my permit and rode Grumpy's dirtbike around for months. Soon enough I took the safety course and passed the test. I decided to pick up mad hours at Wawa to save up for my own bike. I would settle for nothing but a Harley. I actually have a group of bikers that come into Wawa practically every night, they're my "Wawa Bikers." I talked them up and spread the word that I wanted a Sportster and sure enough my buddy Paul found one for me. It's a night blue 1992 1200cc harley sportster.

I love it but my mom hates it. I kind of just do things without her permission, if I listened to her all the time I wouldn't be who I am. I'm the bad child, I make my redneck brother look sane apparently. But I take pride in the fact that I worked hard for my bike and I'm thankful for Grumpy's bump start. I'm learning the mechanics of the bike now. If I didn't have to be a veterinarian I would love to build bikes for a living but I'll keep it a hobby for now.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hotrod Hillbilly Hoedown

I don't know what else to talk about so I'll talk about this awesome weekend I had. Basically I spent the whole weekend in a muddy field filled with old school cars and cool people. My buddy brought his RV down and parked it friday night so we camped out all weekend.
There was a muffler man contest where you rummage through a trailer that's filled with old rusty mufflers and an assortment of nuts and bolts and you build a man out of them. They had guys there to cut and weld anything you wanted. So Steve (my boyfriend) and his buddy Bryan paired up while Bryan's girlfriend Sara and I paired up to make one. We made a girl robot with a bow and a purse and high heels and they made a cool mohawk dude giving the middle finger. Girls against the boys and the girls came out on top. Sara and I got this awesome trophy and rubbed it in the mens face. They sware it was fixed but I don't knooooow.
It was really neat to see the people that dressed up for the whole event. Girls dressed up like 50's pin-ups and guys dressed like greasers. They even had a barber shop if you wanted to get your hair done. The best part was that it was right down the street from my house so if I needed anything it was a quick run home plus I was able to sneak away for a shower.
I ended up buying a cute purse with pistons painted on it and my boyfriend found handlebars and mufflers for his bike. There's something to talk blog will most likely be all about our motorcycles because I'm kind of obsessed.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I figured I'd start my blog by bitching about bad drivers. First of all when there's two lanes, the left is for PASSING not cruising in. I can't tell you how much it pisses me off when someone is driving in the left lane at the same speed as the person in the right. And yes I have horrible road rage, you can be a 99 year old granny and I'll still give ya the finger. It's just as worse when someone thinks they can drive and starts weaving in and out of people.......if you're not a Nascar driver then don't act you can handle the road like one when shit hits the fan you're not going to be able to handle it.
And motorcycles, I drive a motorcycle myself NOT a dumbass crotch rocket which is only cool in the instance if you're going to stunt on it and you're good at that. The reason there are so many deaths on motorcycles is because the statistic is harleys and crotch rockets combined. People on crotch rockets are the ones that die because their dumbass thinks they're a hotshot because they have a little speed under their belt.