Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Thanksgiving break was relaxing I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Last night Steve and I decided to sit down and book our flights to Utah. Last year we flew with Southwestern so I looked up the prices for them and then compared with priceline and websites like that. The cheapest I found was going to be 300 dollars a person so we jumped on it and booked the flight. Then we wanted to see baggage limits and what not so we did a little searching and found out that delta and us airways (the planes we booked) charge for all checked in baggage each way. So with our snowboarding bags it would come to 100 dollars more a person. I was like WTF! I searched a little more and found that Southwestern allows 2 checked bags for free! So really their tickets were cheaper by 50 dollars. I called those priceline people bitching that it was outrageous and I wanted a full refund from them bastards! And they gave me what I wanted lol so we booked Southwestern like last year. I can't wait! I love snowboarding with those guys they challenge me because they have balls so I'm forced to grow a pair or go home.
I also can't wait for xmas, I loooooove shopping for other people and this year I've been finding great deals which makes it that much better.
My boyfriend's family is huge so they do a polyana for xmas and decided to include me this year. I ended up getting Steve's aunt which is easy because she decorates her house with that old time country decor, easy cheesy. My boyfriends Uncle picked me specifically as his polyana because he's a biker dude so wants to get me something that says Harley Davidson, I thought that was cute. I want to get Steve a nice digital camera bc we'll def use that but I have no idea whats a good deal or a bad camera.


  1. Plane tickets are a rip off no matter where you go! But it beats the crap outa driving

  2. Every company tries to get you in their own way. Whats makes a good digital camera is what it is going to be used for. If you want something that will would be good for capturing adventurers like snow boarding something rugged and quick to start up and take a pict would be good. But if you want something for capturing the majesty of the mountains something with a honker lens and endless options for that perfect picture would be best.

  3. Haha, have fun with that! : )