Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Quit!

I officially quite my Wawa job and am now down to one job! I'm not trying to sound like an overachiever by saying this but I worked too hard for Wawa. There's a certain amount of things that need to get done in each shift and without a manager on my shift it's hard to motivate pple to get things done so I'd end up putting everything on my shoulders because I have OCD and everything HAD to get done for me to feel like I earned my pay. I made the job waaaaaaaay too stressful I mean it's freakin Wawa. I worked with some nice girls but when it comes to working they were lazy and that's extremely frustrating to me. I'm glad to be down to just one job.

Tonight was the first motorcycle ride where I was driving my bike and he was driving his. Usually I have to ride bitch on my own bike so tonight was awesome. We went to Snipes Farm to run around in the corn maze once it got dark but the corn maze wasn't that spectacular because the corn wasn't high enough. It's great when you can't see over top of the stalks but the stalks only went up to my chest. Apparently it's the fifth or sixth year of growing corn in these fields so there isn't much nutrients left in the soil. But the motorcycle ride was awesome.

Saturday night I went to my friend Katie's for their annual pumpkin carving thing. It sounds like a boring family oriented event but this year was especially good because everyone is considered old enough to drink so it was a bunch of college kids getting drunk and using sharp knives. It was fun. I want to go to some kind of haunted event but they all seem kinda lame. The one year when I was at Elizabethtown College I took my friend to this one hayride that rocked they dropped fake pigs just above your head that were dripping with fake blood. The penintensary is supposed to be cool I've been there during the day and it's creepy so I'm thinking it's probably good. Who knows...


  1. Well leaiving Wawa must have been a huge weight lifted off your shoulders! It seems like it was very stressful for you! I don't know if you have heard of Shady Brook Farms but it's right by 95. It's probably only like a half hour to get there from here but I wen a couple years ago and it was pretty good! I'm supposed to be going sometime soon so I'll let you know how it is!!

  2. yes. breathing is important and ocd can make somethings a pain in the ass. 7