Sunday, December 13, 2009


oh geez i almost forgot to do one of these awesome blogs luckily i remembered on this wonderful sunday night just in the nik of time.
My best friend, Stefani, is going to be home early tomorw morning and I can't wait! We already have a screaming match planned out where we literally just start screaming all the complaints that we've pent up for so long. And then we feel so much better afterwards because we get everything out and solve our problems and be done with it. That's how we stayed out of drama in highschool.
Drama is just really an ellusion of reality, it's making a big deal out of the nothings in life. There are those that swim in it but I'm not sure if they really get hit with true emotion when actual things happen in real life. It's like their little meter for weighing the gravity of situations is busted.
My dog Remi was seriously watching tv last night. I came home from the gym, went in the basement to watch tv and eat cereal and of course she followed me. The movie "So High" was on and I watched the beginning but then ran upstairs to grab a shower. I left the tv on by accident and Remi stayed down there. I had to leave so went downstairs to shut the tv off and she was literally on the couch watching tv intensly not even noticing my presence. So I had to leave it on for her. I just turned the lights off. I even texted my mom with an explanation as to why I left the tv on or else she would have bitched at me. But then this morning when I came home my mom and I were at the kitchen table and my brother comes down and was like "You'd never believe it, I came home last night and Remi was sprawled out on the couch watching tv, she looked at me and turned away to keep watching." She's such a cool dog.

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