Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Ride

Last Sunday my boyfriend, Steve, and his dad were working on their roof and I usually try to help or go clean something around the house while they're busy. But I had a long week and Sunday was my only day to do absolutely anything my little heart desired so I asked Steve if I could just fuck around on his dirtbike which he just got running and I was excited about it because I helped work on it and learned alot about it. All I expected to do was drive around the yard in a circle a couple of times.
Suprisingly he wanted to show me the trails behind his house so he hopped on a tric and i hopped on the dirtbike. The dirtbike was acting funny so we ended up switching but im really glad we did because i had no idea how intense this ride was gonna be. The dirtbike is big for me and would have been hard to handle. I fit on the tric perfectly, it has an automatic clutch which was the first time i ever drove one with it but it was cool. There were no brakes tho.
I was not expecting the intensity of this ride. At one point Steve turned and said theres a "hill", make sure ur in first. This was no fucking hill, it was a steep drop that ended with a concrete slab and into a crick and right back up the next cliff. Everything was overgrown we had to make our own paths. A vine gave me rope burn on my neck and the whole week it looked like i had a hicky :/. I was so glad I geared up and had my skin covered because the thorn bushes were everywhere.
On one hill Steve went to climb up and I was just watching as these vines wrapped in his wheels and he just came to a dead stop and he fell sideways. It was like watching a cartoon. We ended up at some park that I never knew about and enjoyed a peaceful break on a park bench then headed home. I only got stuck 3 times to the point where i needed Steve to help me out.

It was really romantic. I kind of had an epiphany as to why I love Steve so much. He doesn't treat me like a normal girl. Instead of a roses he brings me things like a choke cable. Our idea of fun together is doing things like taking out the dirtbike or going snowboarding or getting crazy at concerts. He keeps up with me and I keep up with him but we both bring different things to the plate and learn from one another. It never gets boring.

Friday, September 18, 2009


A couple summers ago my neighbor, Grumpy, decides to let me drive his dirtbike around town and help me get my motorcycle liscense. Grumpy definitly kickstarted my motorcycle ambition. I grew up figuring I'd get a motorcycle when I got older, had my own house, had a career, blah blah blah. I credit him with making my motorcycle dreams a reality.

Let me tell you a little bit about good ol' Grumpy. Grumpy really isn't mean at all, the neighborhood kids and his grandkids just grew up calling him Grumpy. Picture Santa Claus slap some overalls on him (no shirt) and you've got Grumpy. He's a retired ironworker with nothing better to do than spend all of his fortune on toys. I lost track of how many vehicles I think it's somewhere around a truck, a tracker, a van, an suv, 4 Victory motorcycles, 2 Vespas (santa on a vespa!), multiple golfcarts, a camper, and a dirtbike. His latest addition is some little convertible pontiac. His house is more of a shack but he likes it that way, my old dog Peanut used to walk over to Grumpy's and just push the door open to hang out with him. His yard is a collection of things you can possibly have a use for one day but at the moment they seem pointless. I remember when he first got this spotlight for the side of his house. Granted he fed the deer every night and so there were deer in his yard every night to begin with but as soon as he got this light he called my house to tell my family that he was turning it on and there were deer to look at. He did that for a couple months every night.

He's a great neighbor though, he has one of those industrial lawn mowers so he cuts his lawn, my lawn, and two other neighbor's lawns. Can't beat that and anything you need he's got it. He used to have a flock of indian running ducks and got my other neighbor into having a flock so the block was overrun by these ducks. Foxes got to all of them eventually, we live on a dead end and at the dead end is forest. The ducks were funny to watch though at one point a gang of guys from one flock would waddle across the street, rape the girls in the other flock and waddle back. They were mean about it too. He's always giving us new plants too. Just one time he gave us this one plant that he claimed smelled good but when it overruns your garden it starts smelling like rotting meat, really bad idea.

So anyways I got my permit and rode Grumpy's dirtbike around for months. Soon enough I took the safety course and passed the test. I decided to pick up mad hours at Wawa to save up for my own bike. I would settle for nothing but a Harley. I actually have a group of bikers that come into Wawa practically every night, they're my "Wawa Bikers." I talked them up and spread the word that I wanted a Sportster and sure enough my buddy Paul found one for me. It's a night blue 1992 1200cc harley sportster.

I love it but my mom hates it. I kind of just do things without her permission, if I listened to her all the time I wouldn't be who I am. I'm the bad child, I make my redneck brother look sane apparently. But I take pride in the fact that I worked hard for my bike and I'm thankful for Grumpy's bump start. I'm learning the mechanics of the bike now. If I didn't have to be a veterinarian I would love to build bikes for a living but I'll keep it a hobby for now.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hotrod Hillbilly Hoedown

I don't know what else to talk about so I'll talk about this awesome weekend I had. Basically I spent the whole weekend in a muddy field filled with old school cars and cool people. My buddy brought his RV down and parked it friday night so we camped out all weekend.
There was a muffler man contest where you rummage through a trailer that's filled with old rusty mufflers and an assortment of nuts and bolts and you build a man out of them. They had guys there to cut and weld anything you wanted. So Steve (my boyfriend) and his buddy Bryan paired up while Bryan's girlfriend Sara and I paired up to make one. We made a girl robot with a bow and a purse and high heels and they made a cool mohawk dude giving the middle finger. Girls against the boys and the girls came out on top. Sara and I got this awesome trophy and rubbed it in the mens face. They sware it was fixed but I don't knooooow.
It was really neat to see the people that dressed up for the whole event. Girls dressed up like 50's pin-ups and guys dressed like greasers. They even had a barber shop if you wanted to get your hair done. The best part was that it was right down the street from my house so if I needed anything it was a quick run home plus I was able to sneak away for a shower.
I ended up buying a cute purse with pistons painted on it and my boyfriend found handlebars and mufflers for his bike. There's something to talk blog will most likely be all about our motorcycles because I'm kind of obsessed.

Friday, September 11, 2009


I figured I'd start my blog by bitching about bad drivers. First of all when there's two lanes, the left is for PASSING not cruising in. I can't tell you how much it pisses me off when someone is driving in the left lane at the same speed as the person in the right. And yes I have horrible road rage, you can be a 99 year old granny and I'll still give ya the finger. It's just as worse when someone thinks they can drive and starts weaving in and out of people.......if you're not a Nascar driver then don't act you can handle the road like one when shit hits the fan you're not going to be able to handle it.
And motorcycles, I drive a motorcycle myself NOT a dumbass crotch rocket which is only cool in the instance if you're going to stunt on it and you're good at that. The reason there are so many deaths on motorcycles is because the statistic is harleys and crotch rockets combined. People on crotch rockets are the ones that die because their dumbass thinks they're a hotshot because they have a little speed under their belt.