Monday, November 16, 2009


My boyfriend and I saw Boondock Saints 2 last night and I must say it was freakin awesome but it is a sequel that you need to see the first movie to completly understand. Which the first one is a great movie as well. I love Irish accents and beards, the beginning of the movie made me want to move to Ireland.
A week ago I saw the Orphan which suprisingly was really creepy. They throw this twist at the end which makes the movie more legit.
I'm really pissed because I had no idea that Zombie was going to be at the Electric Factory in December so I didn't get tickets and it's sold out, so now tickets are like 80 bucks a pop :(. I'm debating just buying them but if I think about it, I have a snowboarding trip to Utah coming up which I have to scrape money together for plus christmas presents are going to kill me. I did just buy Flogging Molly tickets so I'll just have to be happy with that. Hopefully he comes around next year to the Electric Factory again because that's one of my favorite places to see shows.
Gwar and Job For a Cowboy are coming to the Electric Factory too and if you've been to a Gwar show you know how fun they are. They put on a hell of a show mutilating celebrities and splattering the audience with blood. If you ever go I suggest taking a sharpie, writing GWAR on a white teeshirt and plan to never wash it. I compare them to Kiss because their music is good but their shows kill it.


  1. Haha. I didn't know a single band or movie, or whatever you wrote, on your blog, haha : ) Give me country.

  2. boondock saints is such a good movie!and your so lucky you get to see flogging molly in concert!