Tuesday, November 3, 2009


This Sunday I skipped doing blogs because I was so pissed that the blogs were not going to be counted anymore I decided to rebel but I guess that just made me more pissed that blogs do really count now.
But now that my day just keeps getting worse it'll be easier to rant on and do this here blog. I'm completely overwhelmed. I don't know what to do with my life. Since I was little I've wanted to be a veterinarian but now that I'm faced with the reality of it, I'm not so sure. I'm not sure it's worth it economically. It seems the new vets that I've befriended say it's not worth it they're in debt out of their eyeballs and aren't making the kind of money that they thought. Whereas the older settled vets say that they love their job and that's the most important thing. Then again the older vets attended vet school when it was much cheaper, when you'd come out of vet school oweing the equal amount of money that you would earn the first year being a vet.
Plus I'm obviously a girl and have to factor in having children. I don't want to be an old mom nor do I never want to see my kids so being a vet may not be the greatest idea.
Right now I hate my schedule. I'm up at 5am for the gym, come to school then right to work then all over again the next day. I've been doing that since highschool and looking back I really regret working so much because I feel like I didn't get to have as much fun as I wanted. I don't want to continue this madness I have mental breakdowns atleast once a month. I can't wait to have just one job and THATS IT! Work during the day and have evenings and nights and WEEKENDS to have a life. A 9-5 job sounds wonderful.
I'm thinking vet school will not pay off until I'm really old and I'm not the kind of person that wants to bust my ass while I'm young just watching life pass by without having one and then bam when I'm old suddenly be able to do things I want to but not really because I physically am deteriorating. I'm sick of the lifestyle I have and I think that is going to be my persuading factor because I really need to chill out and enjoy the things and people I have a lot more.

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