Friday, November 13, 2009

Clearing My Thoughts

PHEW! I'm so glad to get my spring schedule done and over with. I've been bickering with my mother for the past few months about the fact that I may not want to be a vet. Its been the source of my anxiety. Then I got so caught up in the normal school-then work routine that I didn't realize the date for scheduling classes was so soon. Luckily I got in with my advisor and it ended up being a great friday because I feel like an inteligent person has confirmed my realization that vet school isn't going to pay off and that there are other jobs that I would be interested in that I can make the kind of money that I want to make.
The other day at work was AWESOME! A hit-by-car dog came in and I helped wrap the broken back leg which was a complete compound brake. I felt the bones crunching as I did it. I felt bad for the dog in pain but it was still to cool not enjoy. Tonight there's a king charles doggy having puppies which is always a treat to see.
Going from a vet office that has clients with money to a vet office that is in an area where people don't have the money to spend on their pets has been really eye-opening. I love animals but honestly not other people's animals. And being a vet is helping people more because they only bring their animal to you when something horribly wrong happens. I'm definitly seeing that people cut trips to vet out of their agenda when their pockets are tight.


  1. Very true. Every job deals with people whether we like it or not.

  2. i totally understand about the schedule thing.