Saturday, November 7, 2009

A good saturday

Last week my vet office got a new doctor and i'm sooooooooo happy. At first i was a little pissed because he's indian and i could barely understand him and i'm thinking "great not only do we have foreign human dr.'s but now they're taking over the vet world too" But the guy is so chill its ridiculous. He makes the day so stress free. The other dr. is a very nice lady but stresses the hell out of the techs because you can never make her happy it's always our fault always something we did. I had such a good saturday because i was able to focus on what the clients needed and not what i was going to fuck up. It was definitly the first time I left that hospital without wanting to rip my hair out. Plus this new Dr. is ready to help the techs get temperatures and pull blood when we can't seem to find another tech with a free hand. I ask him a billion questions too and he has no problem answering them. The cutest english bulldog came in today and i almost stole him. He was so wrinkly it was adorable.


  1. It is great when superiors don’t have a stick up there @$$. As an added bonus you’ll get better at talking with someone with a strong Indian accent which is good because, as you pointed out, there are an increasing number of Indians within our culture. Plus you will be able to understand dell customer support techs on the phone.

  2. I have a doctor like that at my Vet job too her name is Judy and she yells and places blame on everyone but herself. I was new a month ago and she screamed at me to get a digital thermometer and I was so nervous and stressed out bc I couldnt find it and she just kept yelling at me until a tech came by and told me where it was. ugh I hate her ass lol